PT Lumbung Kayu Jati is a company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of teak root-based furniture products. Established in 2020, we have built a strong reputation as a high-quality furniture manufacturer with special attention to the beauty and strength of teak wood. In our long journey, we have served customers from various walks of life, from homeowners to hospitality businesses and restaurants. We are proud of our heritage and the long-lasting quality of our products, as well as the creativity of our designs that blend tradition with contemporary needs. Our primary mission is to deliver teak wood furniture that combines the expertise of experienced carpenters with high-quality raw materials. Teak wood is our top choice for its strength and natural beauty. We offer a wide range of products, including chairs, tables, cabinets and beds, designed to provide aesthetic value and comfort at the same time. We also prioritize sustainability, ensuring that the teak wood we use comes from well-managed and environmentally-friendly sources. We are highly committed to providing the best customer experience. Our design team is always ready to collaborate with customers in designing furniture according to their specific needs. In an effort to meet customer expectations, we not only prioritize product quality, but also provide exceptional customer service. PT Lumbung Kayu Jati is the perfect choice for those who are looking for beautiful, durable and classy teak wood furniture.

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